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Game played on 28 Aug 1948

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Welcome to the Private memorabilia collection of theyflysohigh from Steve Marsh

Chesterfield 0-0 West Ham

2nd Division    1948-49
Recreation Ground   16,489
1Ernie Gregory   
2Jack Yeomanson   
3Ernie Devlin   
4Norman Corbett   
5Richard Walker   
6Tommy Moroney   
7Eric Parsons   
8Edwad John 'Jackie' Wood   
9Almeric Hall   
10Danny McGowan   
11Ken Bainbridge   
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much respect to John Northcutt, Roy Shoesmith, Jack Helliar, John Helliar, Tony Hogg, Tony Brown, Fred Loveday, Andrew Loveday, Steve Bacon, Steve Marsh and all past/current West Ham players and supporters