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Game played on 17 Aug 1970

17 Aug 1970
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West Ham 0-0 Arsenal

1st Division    1970-71
Upton Park   39,903
1Peter Grotier    
2Billy Bonds    
3Frank Lampard    
4Peter Bennett    
5Alan Stephenson    
6Bobby Moore    
7Clyde Best    
8Trevor Brooking    
9Geoff Hurst    
10Jimmy Greaves    
11Bobby Howe    
match review copied from the WHU v Chelsea programme dated 22 August 1970

Monday's meeting with Arsenal also ended in a draw, but overall it was less satisfying than that of two days earlier.

An absence of goals does not always signify a match lacking interest, but after an opening which promised much, the productivity graph developed a downward trend that made the closing stages tedious for most spectators. Possibly the pace at which the game started had something to do with this, but although both sides often threatened to score, impulsiveness was often the apparent reason for failure to convert the chances into counters.

Overall the evening's entertainers got a "bad press," but at least the brilliance of our new floodlights earned unanimous approval.

FOOTBALL LEAGUE: Aug. 17 v Arsenal at Upton Park

West Ham United: Grotier, Bonds, Lampard, Bennett, Stephenson, Moore (capt.), Best, Brooking, Hurst, Greaves, Howe.

Arsenal: Wilson, Storey, McNab, Kelly, McLintock (capt.), Roberts, Armstrong, Kennedy, Radford, Marinello, Graham.

39,903. Referee: J. Finney (Hereford).

The other man's viewpoint ... STALEMATE v ARSENAL

The fans left the ground wondering why a game that had promised to develop into an enthralling struggle, deteriorated into a somewhat tedious stalemate ; we all went home feeling cheated.
DONALD SAUNDERS, Daily Telegraph

There have been less exciting draws than this, but with so much ex-peeled of the meeting it was still something of an anti-climax. Certainly the brightest things at Upton Park were the new floodlights.

A match rich with commitment and endeavour.
KEN JONES, Daily Mirror

Nought plus nought equals nought. Sometimes a conclusion like that can be interesting, but in spite of one or two good things, this match really was the height of negation in terms of creative football.

Even seasoned football writers were out of their seats looking at the terrace distractions instead of the match.

Hammers and Arsenal both seemed obsessed with work rate. The players rushed around as if they were being chased by angry wasps.

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