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Game played on 31 Mar 1917

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West Ham: The Complete Record by Steve Marsh and John Northcutt released 27 August 2015

Southampton 1-2 West Ham

London Combination    1916-17
unknown away ground   8,000
1[ww 1] Bailey   
2[ww 1] Feebury   
3William Cope   
4[ww 1] Davies   
5Frank Burton   
6[ww 1] MacLachlan   
7William [ww 1] Kirsopp   
8Danny Shea1  
9Syd Puddefoot1  
10[ww 1] McDougall   
11George [ww 1] Harrison   
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much respect to John Northcutt, Roy Shoesmith, Jack Helliar, John Helliar, Tony Hogg, Tony Brown, Fred Loveday, Andrew Loveday, Steve Bacon, Steve Marsh and all past/current West Ham players and supporters