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West Ham: The Complete Record by Steve Marsh and John Northcutt released 27 August 2015
 PlWDLFAFirst GameLast Game
Blackburn Rovers10943214518020111 Mar 191121 Feb 2016
Date CompPosnOpposition F-AAtt
21 Feb 2016FA 5 Blackburn RoversA5-118,793
07 May 2011P 20Blackburn RoversH1-133,789
18 Dec 2010P 20Blackburn RoversA1-121,934
30 Jan 2010P 15Blackburn RoversH0-033,093
29 Aug 2009P 10Blackburn RoversA0-023,421
21 Mar 2009P 7Blackburn RoversA1-121,672
30 Aug 2008P 4Blackburn RoversH4-132,905
15 Mar 2008P 10Blackburn RoversH2-134,006
09 Dec 2007P 10Blackburn RoversA1-020,870
17 Mar 2007P 19Blackburn RoversA2-118,591
29 Oct 2006P 16Blackburn RoversH2-133,833
28 Jan 2006FA 4 Blackburn RoversH4-223,700
10 Dec 2005P 9Blackburn RoversA2-320,370
13 Aug 2005P 2Blackburn RoversH3-133,305
29 Jan 2003P 18Blackburn RoversH2-134,743
28 Dec 2002P 20Blackburn RoversA2-224,998
02 Feb 2002P 11Blackburn RoversH2-035,307
14 Oct 2001P 19Blackburn RoversA1-722,712
31 Oct 2000LC 3 Blackburn RoversH2-021,863
27 Feb 1999P 6Blackburn RoversH2-025,529
03 Oct 1998P 6Blackburn RoversA0-325,213
18 Apr 1998P 6Blackburn RoversH2-124,733
25 Feb 1998FA 5 RBlackburn RoversA1-121,972
14 Feb 1998FA 5 Blackburn RoversH2-225,729
20 Dec 1997P 10Blackburn RoversA0-321,653
01 Feb 1997P 18Blackburn RoversA1-221,994
26 Oct 1996P 10Blackburn RoversH2-123,947
02 Dec 1995P 13Blackburn RoversA2-426,638
21 Oct 1995P 13Blackburn RoversH1-121,776
30 Apr 1995P 16Blackburn RoversH2-024,202
02 Jan 1995P 16Blackburn RoversA2-425,503
27 Apr 1994P 14Blackburn RoversH1-222,186
18 Sep 1993P 18Blackburn RoversA2-014,437
27 Apr 1991D2 1Blackburn RoversA1-310,808
24 Oct 1990D2 3Blackburn RoversH1-020,003
24 Feb 1990D2 14Blackburn RoversH1-120,054
25 Nov 1989D2 7Blackburn RoversA4-510,238
13 Dec 1980D2 1Blackburn RoversA0-013,279
11 Oct 1980D2 1Blackburn RoversH2-032,402
05 May 1979D2 5Blackburn RoversA0-17,585
30 Dec 1978D2 4Blackburn RoversH4-021,269
12 Mar 1966D1 13Blackburn RoversH4-118,686
16 Feb 1966FA 4 RBlackburn RoversA1-425,547
12 Feb 1966FA 4 Blackburn RoversH3-332,350
18 Sep 1965D1 18Blackburn RoversA2-110,178
20 Mar 1965D1 13Blackburn RoversA0-48,990
07 Nov 1964D1 12Blackburn RoversH1-122,725
28 Dec 1963D1 16Blackburn RoversA3-128,990
26 Dec 1963D1 16Blackburn RoversH2-820,500
04 May 1963D1 14Blackburn RoversH0-118,898
22 Sep 1962D1 15Blackburn RoversA4-015,545
28 Mar 1962D1 6Blackburn RoversA0-18,876
26 Dec 1961D1 5Blackburn RoversH2-322,280
20 Mar 1961D1 14Blackburn RoversA1-413,953
01 Oct 1960D1 15Blackburn RoversH3-217,519
19 Mar 1960D1 11Blackburn RoversH2-125,921
12 Dec 1959D1 4Blackburn RoversA2-622,261
21 Feb 1959D1 7Blackburn RoversA2-117,613
04 Oct 1958D1 6Blackburn RoversH6-325,280
02 Sep 1957D2 9Blackburn RoversH1-124,009
26 Aug 1957D2 13Blackburn RoversA1-218,845
27 Aug 1956D2 8Blackburn RoversA2-015,003
20 Aug 1956D2 6Blackburn RoversH1-319,727
17 Mar 1956D2 16Blackburn RoversA1-421,581
23 Feb 1956FA 5 RBlackburn RoversA3-229,300
18 Feb 1956FA 5 Blackburn RoversH0-028,000
05 Nov 1955D2 14Blackburn RoversH2-322,990
30 Aug 1954D2 19Blackburn RoversH2-517,699
23 Aug 1954D2 20Blackburn RoversA2-526,813
13 Mar 1954D2 13Blackburn RoversA1-425,294
24 Oct 1953D2 7Blackburn RoversH2-122,814
28 Feb 1953D2 12Blackburn RoversH0-019,542
11 Oct 1952D2 18Blackburn RoversA0-322,545
22 Dec 1951D2 17Blackburn RoversA1-319,617
25 Aug 1951D2 13Blackburn RoversH3-119,208
13 Jan 1951D2 13Blackburn RoversH2-322,667
09 Sep 1950D2 12Blackburn RoversA3-125,323
22 Apr 1950D2 18Blackburn RoversA0-217,375
19 Nov 1949D2 13Blackburn RoversH0-219,687
05 Mar 1949D2 8Blackburn RoversH2-118,245
09 Oct 1948D2 12Blackburn RoversA0-024,037
17 Jan 1948FA 3 RBlackburn RoversH2-430,000
10 Jan 1948FA 3 Blackburn RoversA0-032,500
08 Jun 19402WrF F Blackburn RoversA1-042,399
19 Sep 1938D2 14Blackburn RoversA1-318,008
29 Aug 1938D2 15Blackburn RoversH1-215,222
05 Feb 1938D2 9Blackburn RoversA1-213,082
25 Sep 1937D2 2Blackburn RoversH2-027,699
09 Jan 1937D2 12Blackburn RoversA2-19,240
12 Sep 1936D2 16Blackburn RoversH3-122,520
09 Apr 1932D1 19Blackburn RoversH1-310,136
28 Nov 1931D1 17Blackburn RoversA4-28,426
21 Feb 1931D1 11Blackburn RoversA0-19,680
18 Oct 1930D1 9Blackburn RoversH4-322,114
28 Dec 1929D1 14Blackburn RoversH2-323,901
31 Aug 1929D1 14Blackburn RoversA3-321,817
09 Mar 1929D1 15Blackburn RoversH3-324,379
27 Oct 1928D1 9Blackburn RoversA0-218,496
31 Mar 1928D1 6Blackburn RoversH4-312,504
19 Nov 1927D1 12Blackburn RoversA0-114,040
14 Feb 1927D1 8Blackburn RoversA1-410,443
11 Sep 1926D1 18Blackburn RoversH1-520,680
27 Mar 1926D1 19Blackburn RoversA0-116,152
14 Nov 1925D1 8Blackburn RoversH2-121,029
03 Jan 1925D1 14Blackburn RoversH2-016,000
06 Sep 1924D1 9Blackburn RoversA1-025,000
26 Jan 1924D1 11Blackburn RoversH0-120,000
19 Jan 1924D1 11Blackburn RoversA0-05,000
11 Mar 1911FA 4 Blackburn RoversH2-320,000
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much respect to John Northcutt, Roy Shoesmith, Jack Helliar, John Helliar, Tony Hogg, Tony Brown, Fred Loveday, Andrew Loveday, Steve Bacon, Steve Marsh and all past/current West Ham players and supporters