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Record against Bradford Park Avenue

Bradford Park Avenue
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Welcome to the Private memorabilia collection of theyflysohigh from Steve Marsh
 PlWDLFAFirst GameLast Game
Bradford Park Avenue261349302919 Oct 190704 Mar 1950
Date CompPosnOpposition F-AAtt
04 Mar 1950D2 10Bradford Park AvenueH1-017,587
15 Oct 1949D2 7Bradford Park AvenueA1-213,863
02 Apr 1949D2 6Bradford Park AvenueH4-118,645
06 Nov 1948D2 12Bradford Park AvenueA3-215,913
20 Dec 1947D2 6Bradford Park AvenueH0-024,412
23 Aug 1947D2 19Bradford Park AvenueA1-414,523
01 Feb 1947D2 18Bradford Park AvenueH1-116,593
28 Sep 1946D2 17Bradford Park AvenueA1-021,360
11 Apr 1939D2 13Bradford Park AvenueA2-19,177
07 Apr 1939D2 14Bradford Park AvenueH0-223,336
15 Jan 1938D2 9Bradford Park AvenueA1-28,611
04 Sep 1937D2 7Bradford Park AvenueH3-122,467
28 Dec 1936D2 13Bradford Park AvenueH1-012,901
25 Dec 1936D2 19Bradford Park AvenueA1-217,203
09 Sep 1935D2 11Bradford Park AvenueH1-017,709
02 Sep 1935D2 20Bradford Park AvenueA0-216,224
02 Feb 1935D2 3Bradford Park AvenueH2-120,593
22 Sep 1934D2 14Bradford Park AvenueA3-17,089
10 Feb 1934D2 14Bradford Park AvenueH0-116,630
30 Sep 1933D2 9Bradford Park AvenueA0-011,865
20 Mar 1933D2 18Bradford Park AvenueH2-17,258
05 Nov 1932D2 22Bradford Park AvenueA0-314,861
05 Sep 1921D2 11Bradford Park AvenueA0-27,000
29 Aug 1921D2 16Bradford Park AvenueH1-020,000
15 Feb 1908S1 Bradford Park AvenueA1-09,000
19 Oct 1907S1 Bradford Park AvenueH0-012,000
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