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Hull City
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West Ham: The Complete Record by Steve Marsh and John Northcutt released 27 August 2015
 PlWDLFAFirst GameLast Game
Hull City47201512725317 Apr 192001 Apr 2017
Date CompPosnOpposition F-AAtt
01 Apr 2017P 14Hull CityA1-220,820
17 Dec 2016P Hull CityH1-056,952
18 Jan 2015P 7Hull CityH3-034,914
15 Sep 2014P 13Hull CityA2-221,275
26 Mar 2014P 11Hull CityH2-131,033
28 Sep 2013P 17Hull CityA0-124,291
28 Apr 2012Chmp 3Hull CityH2-135,000
05 Nov 2011Chmp 2Hull CityA2-021,756
20 Feb 2010P 13Hull CityH3-033,971
21 Nov 2009P 17Hull CityA3-324,909
28 Jan 2009P 8Hull CityH2-034,340
19 Oct 2008P 8Hull CityA0-124,896
23 Mar 1991D2 2Hull CityA0-09,558
06 Oct 1990D2 3Hull CityH7-119,472
20 Jan 1990D2 13Hull CityH1-216,847
02 Sep 1989D2 1Hull CityA1-19,235
03 Feb 1973FA 4 Hull CityA0-132,290
09 Sep 1970LC 2 Hull CityH1-019,160
24 Mar 1956D2 16Hull CityH1-112,718
12 Nov 1955D2 15Hull CityA1-324,050
13 Sep 1954D2 7Hull CityA1-025,851
06 Sep 1954D2 14Hull CityH1-117,615
03 Apr 1954D2 11Hull CityH1-013,467
28 Nov 1953D2 11Hull CityA1-221,620
01 Sep 1952D2 10Hull CityH0-019,726
25 Aug 1952D2 6Hull CityA0-135,964
29 Dec 1951D2 15Hull CityH2-019,631
01 Sep 1951D2 17Hull CityA1-133,444
16 Dec 1950D2 10Hull CityA2-120,623
19 Aug 1950D2 12Hull CityH3-330,056
08 Apr 1950D2 13Hull CityA2-231,049
03 Dec 1949D2 6Hull CityH2-129,421
28 Mar 1936D2 1Hull CityA3-25,038
23 Nov 1935D2 11Hull CityH4-121,114
29 Dec 1934D2 3Hull CityH1-225,344
17 Sep 1934D2 17Hull CityA0-45,338
24 Mar 1934D2 11Hull CityA0-27,811
11 Nov 1933D2 3Hull CityH2-119,309
09 Apr 1923D2 3Hull CityH3-018,000
17 Mar 1923D2 5Hull CityA1-114,000
13 Jan 1923FA 1 Hull CityA3-214,000
11 Feb 1922D2 4Hull CityH1-120,000
04 Feb 1922D2 3Hull CityA0-08,000
04 Sep 1920D2 12Hull CityA1-212,000
28 Aug 1920D2 13Hull CityH1-126,000
24 Apr 1920D2 7Hull CityH2-118,000
17 Apr 1920D2 7Hull CityA1-18,000
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much respect to John Northcutt, Roy Shoesmith, Jack Helliar, John Helliar, Tony Hogg, Tony Brown, Fred Loveday, Andrew Loveday, Steve Bacon, Steve Marsh and all past/current West Ham players and supporters