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West Ham: The Complete Record by Steve Marsh and John Northcutt released 27 August 2015
 PlWDLFAFirst GameLast Game
Manchester United14044316517925825 Feb 191129 Sep 2018
Date CompPosnOpposition F-AAtt
29 Sep 2018P 13Manchester UnitedH3-156,938
10 May 2018P 15Manchester UnitedH0-056,902
13 Aug 2017P 20Manchester UnitedA0-474,928
02 Jan 2017P 13Manchester UnitedH0-256,996
30 Nov 2016LC 5 Manchester UnitedA1-465,269
27 Nov 2016P 16Manchester UnitedA1-175,313
10 May 2016P 6Manchester UnitedH3-234,602
13 Apr 2016FA 6 RManchester UnitedH1-233,505
13 Mar 2016FA 6 Manchester UnitedA1-174,298
05 Dec 2015P 6Manchester UnitedA0-075,350
08 Feb 2015P 8Manchester UnitedH1-134,499
27 Sep 2014P 11Manchester UnitedA1-275,317
22 Mar 2014P 14Manchester UnitedH0-234,237
21 Dec 2013P 17Manchester UnitedA1-375,350
17 Apr 2013P 11Manchester UnitedH2-234,692
16 Jan 2013FA 3 RManchester UnitedA0-171,081
05 Jan 2013FA 3 Manchester UnitedH2-232,922
28 Nov 2012P 10Manchester UnitedA0-175,572
02 Apr 2011P 18Manchester UnitedH2-434,546
30 Nov 2010LC 5 Manchester UnitedH4-033,551
28 Aug 2010P 20Manchester UnitedA0-375,061
23 Feb 2010P 13Manchester UnitedA0-373,797
05 Dec 2009P 17Manchester UnitedH0-434,980
08 Feb 2009P 8Manchester UnitedH0-134,958
29 Oct 2008P 11Manchester UnitedA0-275,397
03 May 2008P 10Manchester UnitedA1-476,013
29 Dec 2007P 9Manchester UnitedH2-134,966
13 May 2007P 15Manchester UnitedA1-075,927
17 Dec 2006P 18Manchester UnitedH1-034,966
29 Mar 2006P 9Manchester UnitedA0-169,522
27 Nov 2005P 9Manchester UnitedH1-234,755
26 Jan 2003FA 4 Manchester UnitedA0-667,181
14 Dec 2002P 20Manchester UnitedA0-367,555
17 Nov 2002P 19Manchester UnitedH1-135,049
16 Mar 2002P 10Manchester UnitedH3-535,281
08 Dec 2001P 16Manchester UnitedA1-067,582
28 Jan 2001FA 4 Manchester UnitedA1-067,029
01 Jan 2001P 10Manchester UnitedA1-367,603
26 Aug 2000P 20Manchester UnitedH2-225,998
01 Apr 2000P 8Manchester UnitedA1-761,611
18 Dec 1999P 9Manchester UnitedH2-426,037
10 Jan 1999P 8Manchester UnitedA1-455,180
22 Aug 1998P 6Manchester UnitedH0-026,039
11 Mar 1998P 8Manchester UnitedH1-125,892
13 Sep 1997P 6Manchester UnitedA1-255,068
11 May 1997P 14Manchester UnitedA0-255,249
08 Dec 1996P 14Manchester UnitedH2-225,045
22 Jan 1996P 16Manchester UnitedH0-124,197
23 Aug 1995P 18Manchester UnitedA1-231,966
14 May 1995P 14Manchester UnitedH1-124,783
15 Oct 1994P 14Manchester UnitedA0-143,795
26 Feb 1994P 12Manchester UnitedH2-228,832
01 Sep 1993P 19Manchester UnitedA0-344,613
22 Apr 1992D1 22Manchester UnitedH1-024,197
23 Nov 1991D1 17Manchester UnitedA1-247,185
21 Jan 1989D1 19Manchester UnitedH1-329,822
24 Sep 1988D1 17Manchester UnitedA0-239,941
26 Mar 1988D1 15Manchester UnitedA1-337,269
25 Oct 1987D1 15Manchester UnitedH1-119,863
14 Apr 1987D1 14Manchester UnitedH0-023,486
25 Aug 1986D1 1Manchester UnitedA3-243,306
09 Mar 1986FA 5 RManchester UnitedA2-030,441
05 Mar 1986FA 5 Manchester UnitedH1-126,441
02 Feb 1986D1 5Manchester UnitedH2-120,170
29 Oct 1985LC 3 Manchester UnitedA0-132,056
26 Aug 1985D1 17Manchester UnitedA0-250,773
15 Mar 1985D1 16Manchester UnitedH2-216,674
09 Mar 1985FA 6 Manchester UnitedA2-446,769
13 Oct 1984D1 8Manchester UnitedA1-547,559
28 Apr 1984D1 7Manchester UnitedA0-044,124
27 Nov 1983D1 2Manchester UnitedH1-123,355
22 Mar 1983D1 14Manchester UnitedA1-230,227
08 Jan 1983FA 3 Manchester UnitedA0-244,143
30 Oct 1982D1 2Manchester UnitedH3-131,684
08 May 1982D1 10Manchester UnitedH1-126,337
27 Jan 1982D1 12Manchester UnitedA0-141,291
22 Apr 1978D1 19Manchester UnitedA0-354,089
10 Dec 1977D1 20Manchester UnitedH2-120,242
16 May 1977D1 17Manchester UnitedH4-229,904
27 Nov 1976D1 22Manchester UnitedA2-055,366
28 Feb 1976D1 9Manchester UnitedA0-457,220
25 Oct 1975D1 3Manchester UnitedH2-138,528
12 Jan 1974D1 19Manchester UnitedH2-134,147
15 Sep 1973D1 21Manchester UnitedA1-344,757
20 Jan 1973D1 8Manchester UnitedA2-250,878
02 Sep 1972D1 12Manchester UnitedH2-231,939
01 Jan 1972D1 11Manchester UnitedH3-041,892
18 Sep 1971D1 12Manchester UnitedA2-452,731
03 Apr 1971D1 20Manchester UnitedH2-138,507
29 Aug 1970D1 15Manchester UnitedA1-150,676
17 Jan 1970D1 16Manchester UnitedH0-041,643
27 Sep 1969D1 17Manchester UnitedA2-558,579
29 Mar 1969D1 6Manchester UnitedH0-041,546
07 Sep 1968D1 3Manchester UnitedA1-163,274
06 Jan 1968D1 15Manchester UnitedA1-359,516
02 Sep 1967D1 20Manchester UnitedH1-336,562
06 May 1967D1 17Manchester UnitedH1-638,424
01 Apr 1967D1 11Manchester UnitedA0-361,308
30 Apr 1966D1 11Manchester UnitedH3-236,423
04 Dec 1965D1 17Manchester UnitedA0-033,172
02 Sep 1964D1 14Manchester UnitedA1-345,415
24 Aug 1964D1 1Manchester UnitedH3-137,298
14 Mar 1964FA SF Manchester UnitedN3-165,000
07 Mar 1964D1 14Manchester UnitedH0-227,177
26 Oct 1963D1 13Manchester UnitedA1-046,333
18 Mar 1963D1 10Manchester UnitedH3-128,950
27 Oct 1962D1 12Manchester UnitedA1-329,419
16 Dec 1961D1 4Manchester UnitedA2-129,472
19 Aug 1961D1 12Manchester UnitedH1-132,628
14 Sep 1960D1 16Manchester UnitedA1-633,288
05 Sep 1960D1 9Manchester UnitedH2-130,506
18 Apr 1960D1 14Manchester UnitedA3-534,505
15 Apr 1960D1 12Manchester UnitedH2-134,969
17 Sep 1958D1 11Manchester UnitedA1-453,276
08 Sep 1958D1 1Manchester UnitedH3-235,672
30 Apr 1938D2 11Manchester UnitedH1-014,816
23 Feb 1938D2 7Manchester UnitedA0-414,572
07 Mar 1936D2 3Manchester UnitedH1-229,684
16 Nov 1935D2 13Manchester UnitedA3-224,440
09 Mar 1935D2 4Manchester UnitedH0-019,718
27 Oct 1934D2 7Manchester UnitedA1-331,950
02 Apr 1934D2 6Manchester UnitedH2-120,085
30 Mar 1934D2 10Manchester UnitedA1-029,114
22 Apr 1933D2 20Manchester UnitedA2-114,958
10 Dec 1932D2 19Manchester UnitedH3-113,435
14 Feb 1931D1 9Manchester UnitedA0-19,745
11 Oct 1930D1 11Manchester UnitedH5-120,003
01 Feb 1930D1 18Manchester UnitedA2-415,424
28 Sep 1929D1 6Manchester UnitedH2-120,695
02 Feb 1929D1 17Manchester UnitedA3-212,020
22 Sep 1928D1 2Manchester UnitedH3-120,788
10 Mar 1928D1 18Manchester UnitedA1-121,577
29 Oct 1927D1 10Manchester UnitedH1-221,972
19 Mar 1927D1 4Manchester UnitedA3-018,347
30 Oct 1926D1 14Manchester UnitedH4-019,733
02 Jan 1926D1 19Manchester UnitedA1-229,612
29 Aug 1925D1 8Manchester UnitedH1-025,630
26 Dec 1922D2 10Manchester UnitedH0-220,000
25 Dec 1922D2 7Manchester UnitedA2-117,500
25 Feb 1911FA 3 Manchester UnitedH2-127,000
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much respect to John Northcutt, Roy Shoesmith, Jack Helliar, John Helliar, Tony Hogg, Tony Brown, Fred Loveday, Andrew Loveday, Steve Bacon, Steve Marsh and all past/current West Ham players and supporters