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West Ham: The Complete Record by Steve Marsh and John Northcutt released 27 August 2015
 PlWDLFAFirst GameLast Game
Oldham Athletic271179384015 Oct 193206 Nov 2002
Date CompPosnOpposition F-AAtt
06 Nov 2002LC 3 Oldham AthleticH0-121,919
16 Apr 1994P 13Oldham AthleticA2-111,669
20 Nov 1993P 14Oldham AthleticH2-017,211
01 Feb 1992D1 20Oldham AthleticH1-019,012
19 Oct 1991D1 18Oldham AthleticA2-214,365
29 Mar 1991D2 2Oldham AthleticA1-116,932
26 Dec 1990D2 1Oldham AthleticH2-024,950
21 Apr 1990D2 7Oldham AthleticA0-312,170
07 Mar 1990LC SF 2Oldham AthleticH3-015,431
14 Feb 1990LC SF 1Oldham AthleticA0-619,263
16 Dec 1989D2 8Oldham AthleticH0-214,960
21 Mar 1981D2 1Oldham AthleticH1-124,416
18 Oct 1980D2 2Oldham AthleticA0-08,444
29 Apr 1980D2 7Oldham AthleticA0-08,214
25 Aug 1979D2 15Oldham AthleticH1-018,319
24 Feb 1979D2 4Oldham AthleticH3-026,052
14 Oct 1978D2 3Oldham AthleticA2-29,191
24 Jan 1966FA 3 ROldham AthleticH2-135,330
22 Jan 1966FA 3 Oldham AthleticA2-225,035
17 Apr 1954D2 12Oldham AthleticH0-113,221
14 Nov 1953D2 9Oldham AthleticA1-312,228
04 May 1935D2 3Oldham AthleticH2-023,275
22 Dec 1934D2 4Oldham AthleticA2-17,290
07 Feb 1934D2 12Oldham AthleticH1-48,832
16 Sep 1933D2 11Oldham AthleticA1-48,439
13 Mar 1933D2 19Oldham AthleticA2-37,159
15 Oct 1932D2 21Oldham AthleticH5-213,161
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much respect to John Northcutt, Roy Shoesmith, Jack Helliar, John Helliar, Tony Hogg, Tony Brown, Fred Loveday, Andrew Loveday, Steve Bacon, Steve Marsh and all past/current West Ham players and supporters